Nicholas Gibson

UX Design

Interaction Design

Information Architecture


User research, Personas,

Site audits, Competitior analysis,

Stakeholder meetings,

UX Goals, UX principals, Value proposition



User flows,

Customer journey maps



Paper prototypes,

Design discussion,

Itterative agile updates,


Wireframing with Illustrator, Omnigraffle, Balsamiq

Axure RP prototypes

HTML5 prototypes

Reviews with stakeholders,

Itterative / agile updates,

Recent clients

Work Samples

I'm able to show some work samples detailing my proccess.
More detail, and deliverable examples, available at interview

IPad app, adding user interactions screens

IPad app, game screen

Pitch work, storyboard sketches into illustator

Pitch work, starting to sketch story boards,
to help illustrate customer journey

Pitch work, customer journey WIP

Pitch work, personas into Illustartor

Pitch work, discussing personas

Pitch work, brainstorming concept ideas

Redesign for conversion, Landing page wireframe

Campain landing page, Annotated wireframe